The following courses fall within the Department. The Department has a long history of providing courses leading to Pre-primary and Primary Education.

 BA Degree in Primary Education

 BA Degree in Pre-primary Education

 Higher Diploma in Pre-primary and Primary Education

The course aims to:

  • Prepare students for a career as teacher assistants in kindergartens or primary schools.
  • Provide students with fundamental understanding of educational philosophies and practices as these relate to kindergartens and primary schools.
  • Provide students with competencies which will enable them to serve as assistants to kindergarten or primary school teachers.
  • Enable students who complete the second or third year of their studies to transfer on advanced standing to British Universities with the aim of securing a Bachelor’s degree in Education that could enable them to pursue a teaching career within the European Union.

Diploma in Infant and Child Care

A two-year programme leading to the Diploma in Infant & Child Care. Holders of the Diploma can work in Day Care Centres.

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