The Faculty of Languages and Communication comprises of the Departments of Public Relations, European Languages, and Journalism. It is an exciting development of our existing reputation in teaching and research at Philips

Journalism now spans a wide range of media and serves a broad range of purposes. A massive expansion in print-based publications has coincided with the proliferation of broadcast channels and the new publishing platforms created by the Internet. Taken together, these trends mean that Journalism – the creation of content for media publications – is a thriving employment sector. Journalists are the means by which the world is articulated for the general public. The journalist’s role entails a significant ethical and social responsibility.


The programme has been designed with the aim of providing students with the opportunity to develop a sound understanding of the theory and practice of journalism. Cognizance has been taken of the current realities and

developments of the European and international mass media and journalism, and the fact that the journalist is asked to continually meet new challenges. A massive expansion of all communication media has created the need for properly trained journalists who can work in both print and broadcast media, as well as electronic media.

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