We, the Philips Department of Nursing, believe that humans are holistic beings who constantly seek a dynamic equilibrium through complex adaptive processes. We recognize the individuality of humans as unique integrations of physical, intellectual, psychosocial, spiritual, cultural, and environmental components. Perceptions about life and health are influenced through interpersonal relationships. We believe that the family unit is the basis for nurturance and socialization. We recognize the contributions of other social institutions that foster human development.

The environment is comprised of physical, biological, chemical, and social forces that influence humans internally and externally. The dynamic quality of the environment causes humans to be in a continuous state of adaptation through cognitive and physiological processes.


Health is the human’s total well-being. We believe in promoting, maintaining, and restoring health to the highest potential. Health is influenced by a wide variety of factors both internal and external. A state of illness can be presumed when there are disturbances in growth, development, function and/or adjustment to forces within the human internal and external environments.


Nursing is an essential component of health care and is both an academic and practice-oriented discipline. As an academic discipline, nursing has the obligation to continually generate and refine its knowledge base through ongoing scientific inquiry. As a practice discipline, nursing is committed to facilitating human adaptation and achievement of maximum potential. Nursing practice is accomplished through utilization of a systematic theory-based process that is carried out independently and collaboratively with other health professionals. Effective communications is essential to the practice of nursing. Nursing must continue to provide leadership in health care in those areas that affect the health and well-being of mankind. Nurses are accountable to consumers as well as to the profession.



The mission of the Department of Nursing is to cultivate diverse nurse leaders as clinicians, through dynamic educational programmes.

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